Credential manager /config file/orchestrator assests manager

Hi All,

I am trying to complete 3rd level of UiPath, but the only thing where i am stuck is login.
I am confuse for the following terms:

Credential manager
Assets in Orchestraotor
Config file assest

I used config file in UiDemo, but not sure where to store the application login (username and password).
And one more thing for which i am not sure is that, if we are using config file then do we need to use orchestrator too? and then what is the credential manager is it viual ? or any tab in orchestrator?

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Forget about Credential manager (this is local way of storing credentials in your machine).

For Assignments -

Store the login credentials in the Orchestrator Assets.

And in the config file, you should mention the Asset name (either in the settings tab or in the Assets tab) where your robot reads the credentials from Asset configured (using Get Asset activity).

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  • Credential manager is a Windows concept.
    You can find it on the Windows search quickly.


You will obtain/Add Credential there using the activity from the package

  • Assets in Orchestrator

Regarding Credentials, You will use Get Credential activity to query asset from the Orchestrator, assuming that you Robot is connected to one.


  • Config file assest

As @KarthikByggari mentioned, you will there only be Storing the asset Credential Name and be using it as input of an invoke workflow of the file “GetAppCredentials.xaml”


This workflow will effectively be using both the previous concepts (Credential manager & Orchestrator asset).

  • It will look first for the Credential according to the given name within the Orchestrator assets credentials.
  • If asset is found, it will return you the Credentials values from the Orchestrator
  • If an exception occurs (assets not found, Robot not connected to Orchestrator etc…) It would be looking inside the credential manager to find and return you the credentials valuse.
  • If it does not find it, it will prompt you a dialog to enter the credentials values manually under the name the invoke workflow requested, so next time, it would not have to ask it again and would pull it from the from the Credential manager.


The advantage of this is that during development where maybe you will not have access to an Orchestrator in Orchestrator, you can input a temporary password, but one you will be moving to production, it could use the effective Crendential value stored in the Orchestrator.

All of this, without having to change anything in the workflow.

Hope that makes sense!



Hi Florent,
First of all thank you for sharing this now i understand the concept of credential manager and orchestrator assests.

As i did this in config file:

I passed these values and did not store credentials in orchestrator(Assuming that i will prompt a dialog box for mannual entering credentials), if i am running this process it is showing me this error:

I invoke initall workflow like this:

Please help.

@Florent_Salendres please suggest


You need to use the “Settings” worksheet, not the asset one.
The Asset worksheet applies only if you have assets stored in Orchestrator.

After that, make sure that you are passing Config(“CredentialName”).toString to the GetAppCredentials Workflow, on your last screenshot is the the correct one that you are showing.

Make sure also you understand the difference between Assets type (one of them being credential).
On you workbook screenshot it looks like you are trying to use an application path, which is not a credential.

If not clear calmly take time to read the documentation bellow.


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Thanks a lot

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