HOW to Append Value to Excel Based on Uniq Row

Hi i need help related to excel data manipulation
so this question related to this;

After seperating the table i encounter new problem on the processing of seperated table

i have question on :
how to append new value for the RPA remarks based on a uniq reference from the table,

original table
then i do some process and have value of : “success”

I NEED TO HELP to get the output value of “succses/variable” to APPEND to a spesific row based on “uniq row”

example last excel output with a UNIQ ROW:2 and "variable string = success " to append to original table

thank you and regards

HI pravin sorryb , kinda hard for me to explain in english,
you can refer to my related question here

Hi @Ahmad_Rais
try out this syntax
if currentrow(“uniq”).ToString=2