Seperating Table , processing each table, then append to new 1 data table

So guys i want to ask how to process this data table,
main objective
1.Seperate Datatable based on Combine (A1,A2,NO COMBINE)
2.Process data based on seperated table
3.append all the result to 1 table
4.the vaariant doesnt affect the sperating of table , lets make it the type into value
5.reports column should be all have value on the new combined data table

the process can be simple type into , i just dont know hot to do this workflow properly

  1. original Data
    2.Seperated Data A1
    3.Seperated Data A3
    4.Seperated Data No Combine

if you have any other idea to process this workflow other than seperating it like this , please let me know


I think it will be roughly as the following. (9.7 KB)

Hope this helps you.


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yup im also using distict but seems like we have diffrent condition on disticnt but same result, can you explain what your disticnt do?

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