How to append the data

Hi, Im now confusing and please tell me.

I have a data row that shows the product name and that of the quantity.
like this following one.

★row 1 is header, row 2 is the quantity of the header’s product.★
row1, product-A,product-B,product-C
row2, ,1,2

I want to make workflow like the following,

If product-A exists(row-2), write cell (D2) the quantity in another worksheet, and if not exists, no writing.
If product-B exists(row-2),write cell (append to the above, if the above is nothing, write in D2) the quantity in the same worksheet as above, and if not exist, no writing.

What activity I sholud use?

For you :slight_smile: :wink: @ddpadil

I really didn’t follow up the steps you mentioned :stuck_out_tongue: so could you please attach excel sheet which includes:
sheet1 actual data,
sheet2 expected data.