How to append range to an Excel Table

Hi! I admit that I am not fully knowledgeable with Excel functions, so I am hoping that you could help me with this. I want to ask about, how can I append a data table to an excel table? I tried appending it the normal way, but it won’t go inside the table. I want the new entries to be included when I am filtering, and also to retain/acquire the table design. I hope you can help me with this. Thank you.


Is columns in existing file and new data you want to add it into Excel file same order ? If yes then you can use Append Range activity to append the new data to existing data.

Yes it is the same, I tried to make a test branch with columns Name and Age first, It didn’t work. Maybe it’s because I am using the workbook version one for appending, and is not the one that needs the excel application scope?

BTW, my table range in excel is not specified as I am appending ranges to it, the number of rows changes so I didn’t put a big number on the range.


Use either Excel activities or Workbook activities for both. Use Excel Append Range activity activity inside Excel Application Scope activity and then check once.

I tried just now, still the same. Do I need to make my table’s range in excel big? I just set it to two(I have two entries there) to see if the table range will change when I append new datas in it.


If possible can you please share screenshot of both the data. Need to check once how it looks in Excel file.

Found it, it seems append ranging with Workbook doesn’t seem to work. I tried running it again with the excel application scope and it worked, I just have to be careful not to make a space after the table as it doesn’t include the space and datas below when appending.

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