Excel Append Range activity


I want to use excel Append Range activity to append data table variable to the excel file. it seems not work. the source has to be the same, excel range. is it right?

Uipath - Append range activity tutorial | Excel append range in uipath | append range in uipath (youtube.com)


Yes,the path of the excel,sheetname should be same and datatable need to append in the excel.

check the thread for more info

thank you. My question is related to Append Range activity under Excel. base on the hint “excel range expression”, I think it’s to be used to append data from one sheet to another sheet and both sheets are from the same excel file.

Hi @haiyan.he

Check the below docs:

I think above documentation will give an basic idea of how to use Append Range.

Hope it helps!!

Hi @haiyan.he

We can do for same excel and different excel also

From one sheet to another sheet are from different excels


thanks for clarification. it’s really helpful for me to understand these activities.


Hope you got the solution for your question. If yes please mark it as solution to close the loop else happy to help.

thank you. I check documentations but sometimes I cannot apply to the use case. the forum is helpful and gives me a lot of insights.

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