How to append into excel table

Hi, I’m running into what I’m assuming is a super easy problem but I can’t seem to find a solution.

Anyway, I am using the “append range” activity to add rows from a datatable into an existing excel file, the problem is that it doesn’t extend the existing excel table to the added rows.
How can I solve this issue?

Here’s what I end up with:


One simple way to extend the formatting of the table is to use the Excel Application Scope with the appropriate append range (as opposed just the workbook append range). If you then select the options for “Visible” and “Save Changes” on the application scope, it should work to extend the formatting down.

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Thanks for the response!

Unfortunately it didn’t seem to work for me, the table is still not being extended.
Is there something else I’ve missed?

Hey @Eric46

Sorry that didn’t seem to work for you. Quick question:

I notice in the first screenshot you share that there is a gap between the rows in the table and the rows below. Is that something that is created each time?

I also notice the error being created between the append range and the remove duplicates. If you throw the remove duplicates into its own excel app scope below the current one, I think that should clear that error.

The empty row or gap between the rows in the table and appended isn’t created each time, it’s just something left after I tried to work around the issue.

Thank you for the input on the remove duplicates issue!

Does anyone have any idea? This seems like it should be such an easy mistake but I cant get it to work properly.

Hi @Eric46
I had taken a simple example

Sheet1 :


Now i am using this kind of sequence

Result i got finally in sheet1

The excel application scope seems to be working for me!

Nived N

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It probably has to do with the formatting being set explicitly on those rows in the Excel file, rather than being applied to the entire sheet.

I can’t tell what is different from my solution?

I did not get u

If you delete the last blank row in the table, then Append range will work, i.e. appended rows will be inserted in the table.

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