How to Append file excel 2 sheet?

The scope of the 2nd index is well hidden haha !
But I may need to change a little bit the WF if @fairymemay tells us that the excel files come with the *end* at the end of the files (and of course none would want that in the final file)

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@Hiba_B @prasath17 yes,​ excel files come with the *end* at the end of the files.

Please guide me about delete row end in output file.

@fairymemay - Here is my output after cleansing…

ScreenShot…(Read the Outputsheet and Please try to mimic the below steps)

DtFiltered Code → Here DtFiltered is Datatable Varaiable…

 (From r In Dtout.AsEnumerable
Where Not r(0).toString.Contains("*end*")
Select r).CopyToDataTable

DtOut is the output from Read Range.

Hope this helps…

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@fairymemay Sure.
I just used a ready-made UiPath filter datatable, but it can as well be exchanged with @prasath17 code (his code is better when there are numerous lines): Append_sheets_with_order.xaml (12.1 KB)

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