How to append file by sheet?

I want append file all file in folder by sheet. (sheet CA,CH,No,UN,UC only)
Condition : merge file only column remark have data.

File (19.1 KB)
Example output want : output.xlsx (11.3 KB)

Please guide me about it.

@fairymemay - I have shared the workflow previously for append files and append only first sheet. Have you tried to tweak that workflow ?

Or even Hiba provided one solution for append recently have you played around with that?

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@prasath17 I have question.
If I input file have 6 sheet.
But I want to read sheet2-6 only.

How to set read range?

@fairymemay - While Looping the sheets in the For Each - Set the Sheet Index variable(Hiba has set one last time)…

Inside the loop check, if index > 0 then proceed and read the sheet…
First sheet index is 0 , second sheet index is 1…goes on…

@prasath17 Work completed and collect.

Thank you for you support me.

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@fairymemay - wow awesome…That’s it…

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