Converting text file to PDF

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to convert a text file (.txt) to a PDF file and it’s proving quite difficult.

Anyone with experience doing this. I tried using this custom activity i found on the marketplace but i’m having trouble with it clogging my logs because the activity uses itextsharp and it has restrictions around commercial use and the AGPL license


Try below steps.

  1. Use Read Text file activity to read the data from Text file and it will give output as String. Let’s say InputText.

  2. And then use Append Text activity inside Word Application Scope and pass InputText to it and then use Save Document as PDF activity Word application scope to export word document as PDF file.



I am not sure about the packages related to uipath market place in this. but i know how to do it by using adobe acrobat. you can go for UI automation to open adobe and select your notepad files and convert to PDF. please give it try if you have adobe in your machine.


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