Adding a text to pdf file


How Can I write a small text in a pdf file, the pdf file that I have I tried multiple time to convert to a different types, but the data does not comes as the same structure in the pdf.
So is there a solution to write in a pdf without converting the pdf or doing anything in it,
I just want to write in it :grinning:, That is all.

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Write the text to excel

And use save excel file as pdf activity


I do not want to change the format and the structure of the data in the invoice,
I only want to write in it,
Because there is another process using ocr to read the pdf file then do some activities.

Hi @oussema.mhadhbi

Please check the below workflow:

Main.xaml (16.5 KB)
wordpress11.pdf (45.8 KB)

The above flow will add the text file to last line and will convert that text file to pdf. Please check the above attached xaml for better understanding.



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  1. Do you want to write text in any soecific location?
  2. One way you can try is to open the pdf using word activities and add the text you need and save
  3. As you dont need to esit pdf…you can use the ui automation to add text…for that if you have acrobat pdf reader or any other pdf reader …open pdf using that and from UI you would have option to add text on top of pdf use that and add text


I find the solution by adding the needed text that I want in an image,
Then add the image to the pdf file.
Add image to pdf file
Install this package:
Image added to pdf package

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