Adding licenses to existing license package

Installer(.exe or .msi): .exe

License type(Free, Trial/License code): Developer License

Studio/Robot version: 19.4

Current behavior: n/a

Screenshot: n/a

Hey all,
I’ve filed a support request through the support channel, but got very uncharacteristically no response in days. That’s why I would like the community to help me out here, please and thank you.

I have several attended and unattended robot licenses activated on the companies orchestrator. I want to add 4 Studio licenses that are on a different license package, but all I get is the “renew” option on the host license page. Please confirm that this is the right route to add said licenses and that it will not impact in the current valid robot licenses, since the UiPath Licensing page states that if the number of licenses is lower than the current license package, I should remove the prior license. This is not what I want as the new licenses should be added to the current package. Please advise.

Thanks for any feedback on this

Did you ever figure this out? I am facing the same issue - only the “renew” option is listed.

Hi @Stratum
Really sorry about to here your uipath tickets I think they might have larger number of requests during this period since the community cloud also in some operation

Anyway, here this is for u
First you need to know , your new 4 studio license under where (with your current license that already placed in your orchestrator)
If yes no matter you can add your 4 studio in to same
But if not , means those studio license under another license package , you cannot aquire license to your 4 studio from your hosted orchestrator

So you have to keep it via standalone or if you have another orchestrator for those can aquire from it.

So if you really wanna add that 4 studio into your existing orchestrator so you need your orchestrator license update with another 4 studio

Hey Rachel,
Sorry, the only way we got it to work is going through the hoops of contacting directly some of the UiPath people. On the plus side, UiPath does have an awesome team of helpful and knowledgeable people to help you out once you get to talk to them, on the minus side, it’s not easy to get to talk to them. But it’s worth the hassle, they really do know their stuff, and what they don’t, they make sure to find out and let you know.

Hope it works out for you

Hey Maneesha,
it’s alright, I got it solved shortly thereafter. It’s a shame there’s a delay, but I get it. There’s always a hiccup like this one, but as long as there’s ways to solve the issues, it’s alright. Believe me, the more RPA tools I add to our services, the more I see what a winner UiPath is in comparison.


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Yea I ended up opening a ticket w/ UiPath people and they took care of it very quickly.

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