How to activate or focus one specific window?


I want to keep one running application on server in focus always before starting the process.
I have found two option:

  1. attach window
    2.Window->Activate in Citrix recorder.

I am not getting any videos on these option in you tube. I am not able to use any of these. Could anyone please suggest if there are any other option or please let me know how to use these two options. What are the variable we need to provide for attach window etc. Please help.

Thank You.

Hi @Arindam

Please try ShowWindow activity.

Karthik Byggari

what is that window variable?I unstood the data type. But what should I pass through this variable?


When you use Open Application Activity, the properties panel contains a output field “ApplicationWindow”. Assign the ApplicationWindow to a windows variable and use the same variable in Show Window activity.

Karthik Byggari

I did not use Open Application activity. Actually the window is always remain open in the server screen. But sometimes it did not remain activated.


Is it citrix environment or you have direct access to the UI elements (bot running directly in the machine)?

It is Citrix environment

Then follow the below steps -

  1. Send Hot Keys in the Citrix Environment to switch between windows (Alt + Shift + Tab). (the key combination only works if the Citrix window is maximized).
  2. After every time you switch window - look for Image Exists Activity to find the window you are looking.
  3. Once the window is found, continue with the next activities in the workflow.

Karthik Byggari

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