How to activate browser windows

My process works between two browser applications.
When it is working on Application2, it does not bring application2 window to foreground. It still shows the application1 window. How to switch between active browser windows?

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Hi @A_Learner

Try using a Hardware Event type in your click or Type activity, that will bring that window to the foreground.


Use the Activate activity.

Also, it doesn’t matter which one is on top unless you need it on top for screenshots etc.

Because user can see which window the bot is working on if we bring the active window to the front. Activate needing selector which can change. Is there any other way?

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You don’t need to give Activate a selector. And selectors can always change, that’s why we edit them to use properties that won’t change. Or give them a UI Element variable to identify which window to operate against.

Thank you, I am trying to use Use Application browser output element.

So in container Use App\Browser with input browser element from another workflow
I added activate which is also taking input browser element. I have to run and see.

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