How to activate License of enterprise

Hello Users, on Urgent basis help me for installinhg UiPath as enterprise
I have license key i want to install UiPath on new laptop …
I tried please give me steps how to install i have copied UiPath install version from old to new laptop but key is not activated its 2018.4.6 version
Thanks in advance …

Hi @anon87560229

Check out the document


Hi @anon87560229

When you install the UiPath studio it will ask you to select Enterprise or community at the beginning you need to select enterprise and click install


After install UiPath i select stand alone and enter email and key its giving error as license inactive

Check out this link @anon87560229

in older pc my UiPath is running i don’t know email id of orchestrator coz its install by previous user

my question is can i use same license key of enterprise UiPath in new laptop in both system they will work

Hello User ,
My solution is resolve by myself by Login with same mail and password
with other machine
from orchestrator…

Thanks to everyone for your support
Happy Automation …!!!

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