How to create a tenant in windows server 2019 uipath orchestrator offline. I have installed the uipath orchestrator now need to get the tenant and activate its license?

Need an help in order to provide it to the company


You can find detailed explanations at the link. Follow the steps under the offline heading.


dear muhammed,
this is for uipath studio not the orchestrator we have installed uipath orchestrator. we are enable to make the tenant and we couldn’t activate the license. if you can help in that regard then it will be great.


First of all, you should go to the activation area and create your license file. *Activation portal for Orchestrator versions 2019.4 and lower. Please pay attention to this warning.

Then follow the below steps.

As the last step, select and install the license file you created.

If you get an error in these steps, create a request to Uipath.


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