Change my licence key 2019.4.4

Hello, I had a trial key and now the company I work for bought a entreprise licence key, so I need to change the key, but I can’t seems to find the ways to do it for the 2019.4.4 version. Anyone could guide me?


Please have a look over these

I already looked at both those link, but the option don’t seems to be there for the version 2019.4.4 for both options

Based on the tags of the Topic, I am assuming you are using a private enterprise instance of Orchestrator, is that correct?

I haven’t specifically used 19.4.4

But in 19.10 you open the Licensing view and click update



From there it will ask you if you want to update your license online or offline.


In 18.3, the motion to active is mostly the same. Instead of “Update” it says “Renew” and you activate the license using their online activator or the regutil.exe provided in a Studio installation to activate.

Looking at my own instance, if I needed to change the key, I imagine I would either have to
a) Activate Offline (It appears the online activation tries to reactivate the key that is in place)
b) First Remove the existing key and activate with a new one.

Can you show us what you are seeing in your 19.4 instance?

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That the problem, I don’t have those options haha :slight_smile:

View when my old licence is active:

View if I remove it:

Upload ask me for a .txt to activate a licence instead of my new licence key

Online activation also ask for a .txt file that I don’t have

Are you logged in as the host admin (rather than the tenant admin)?

Is there a place where I can see this?

When you login you must provide “host” as the tenant name. You must also provide the host admin password.


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Just login as ‘host’ for the first time, had no idea that even existed. when I login as host, it’s say I don’t have any licence tho. Should I use my licence key there and it’s will update at tenant level?

edit: even in the licence page there, I only have ‘Upload’ and it’s ask for a .txt file…

Okay in that case, that is closer to 2018.3 than 2019.10. For 2019.4 and lower you can use the UiPath Activation Portal which will give you the license file to upload to your orchestrator.

Alternatively, I believe you can still use the RegUtil.exe for 2019.4 provided in a Studio/Robot installation C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio\UiPath\Regutil.exe, in 19.10 this changed to UiPath.LicenseTool.exe

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Thanks you, this activation site worked and everything is working good now! :slight_smile:

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