How to achieve the print function of the default download file(Excel OR PDF) of IE11?

The normal operation process is relatively long, and it is not stable with Recording.

Is there a more stable and convenient method to achieve it?

Recording is not a best practice to go for, as soon as down load right click on save as option then choose to print

Thank you for your reply!
I mean, what is the best way to implement this process from download to print with UIPath?
Isn’t it using the recording function to implement this process?Or… have other better ways?

If you need only the visible area you can use “Take screenshot” activity. :slightly_smiling_face:

You can use selectors for good practice.
If the element is dynamic also u can able to find that element easily

is there a download button in your window.?
if yes then use click activity with position right top with x=-5 and y=-10 values. then click that will open the arrow button(with save, save as ab other options.) then you can use down arrow to select save as, and enter the path and name you want to save.