'SpecificContent' is not a member of 'String' - Level 3 Assignment 2

Hello friends! I’m having a problem with activity 2, but I can’t understand why. If you can help me, I will be grateful. (NOTE: I have deadline to complete this task, any help is welcome.

Follow print with error

Please ensure the arguments are passed correctly to the ProcessTransaction.


Could you please update packages and restart Uipath studio and then try once.

I believe everything is right in this regard, I will attach here a print of how is

Ok, but how do I do it?

  1. Transaction Item is a string.
  2. Specific Content is a property of QueueItem .

The Assign statement says in_transactionItem.SpecificContent (which means you are trying to get the SpecificContent from a string variable, which is incorrect.

I think in this case TransactionItem should be a QueueItem

I have tried this, but error appears in Get Transaction Data and Process Transaction. I changed the TransactionItem type to QueueItem, but it has operations on the stream with +, and QueueItem does not support this type of expression. Ie not sure what to do

Hi Karina,
Could you please tell in which page from Generate Yearly Report - Walkthrough Hints.pdf have you found this problem?