Is it possible to have only attended robot to run a process without UiPath Studio?

So my company wants to try RPA and come across a vendor that offer UIPath

And we want to try it with minimum budget, so what i come up with is like this:

  1. We buy the license for 1 attended robot
  2. For the process development, we use the vendor services
  3. After the process developed by the vendor, we want to run the process on the attended robot (without having license for studio)

my question is, is it possible to run the process without having license for studio? because we want to try the RPA first, if the result is positive, after that then we will try to expand our license (more robot, studio, orchestrator etc.)

@Fauzan_Marantama, hi and welcome to the community.

Please note: I have limited information when it comes to this.

Yes you can deploy a workflow without the studio license, however you do need an orchestrator + robot license, unless if the vendor you are talking about will host your robot on their orchestrator instance.

Otherwise i would advise you to sign up for a trial version of uipath enterprise, where you will get 60 days trail

Or you can use the community version for your experiment, it gives you access to the orchestrator where you can deploy your workflow and you get 2 attended robots, and 1 unattended runtime.

i am going to attach some links below for you to read through:


As you are using vendor service for process development, so it is possible to deploy the package to single attended robot and run the flow

for license part you have to check the vendor or you can reach sales team of UiPath

Hope this helps you


So I need an orchestrator even when I go with attended robot?

Just attended robot is possible? without orchestrator too right?



But make sure that the vendor which is developing the process not to use the orchestration activities like Assets, Get Queue Item activities etc.,

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