How reply outlook mail message

I’m trying to answer emails I get from an ad platform.
I created a Variable ( called EMAIL in FOR EACH activitie but when I use the property: EMAIL.FROM.ADDRESS.TOSTRING it always returns the email from the advertising platform. Unlike when I press reply directly on OUTLOOK that understands the correct email address of the lead. Can someone help me?

Can you please attach the screenshot what you want to do. EMAIL.FROM.ADDRESS.TOSTRING will give you the email address of the sender.

Hi @Tadeu_Medeiros ,

If you want to reply to the same email then use reply mail activity and pass the object “EMAIL” .


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OK. Thanks, it works perfectly!
But my difficulty remains because I need to save in a data table and before sending an email I was trying to use the ADD DATA LINE activity. But if I use EMAIL.TOSTRING or just EMAIL in the data table it shows SYSTEM.NET.MAIL.MESSAGE. I would like to save the correct email in a data table, but I am not able to.

In this case, the e-mail I receive is from the AD Platform (the sender) but I need of the e-mail to reply. Thanks for the help.

take a look how it is in my excel plan

Hi @Tadeu_Medeiros

Could you Share me a screen shot of the Condtition what you re using to get Right mailid

and wrong maild?