mail.From.ToString Error

Hi all,

I am trying to reply to an email by using the: mail.From.ToString activity.
However, I am getting an error that one of the recipients is not valid.

When I put the mail.From.ToString into a message box, this is the output.
Name123123 (Department) (emailadres)

I reckon the problem is that it is trying to send the email to the whole string, instead of to just the email. Does anyone have an idea how I can just select the emailadres?

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Sending to the whole string will work for sure. I tested this in my system.
Use send Outlook message and use the mail you got from “Get outlook”.
replymail.xaml (6.2 KB)


It’s trying to send an Exchange Mail message.

Knipsel2 Knipsel1

Does this help?

Sorry wrong workflow. This is the correct one.
Knipsel2 Knipsel1

Then you might need to work trimming the string you get from Mail.From. Extract the string in between “<” and “>” and try passing the value.

trinText is defined as Array of Strings. Use trimText(0) which contains only emailID