How redirect valiables output into a form activity

Hi all, I would like to redirect a dynamic variable output into a “form” activity, instead of using the usual “write line” or “message box”. Any idea? Do you think is it possible?
Thanks in advance.

If you are refering to create forms, yes it is possible to bring variables into form activities. Use the formfieldscollection section of the Databindings properties in the create from activity. Then link the fields in the designer.

Thank you so much, Matt_S, for your tip. I’m gonna try asap and I’ll let you know for sharing my achievements.

Great, it works !!!
What I would like to do now is to add several lines just as happens in the “output” area of ​​Studio.
Currently, into the “text area”, I can get only one row at a time.

what is your input variable?

Well, the context is pretty complex because this is an output coming from a Neural Network developed with Python embedded in this framework.
Nevertheless, we might suppose of reading data from an excel file and using a “For Each” activity, but instead of printing data on the output area, we directly redirect data on the “form” activity.
All in all, what I would like is to insert the “Form Activity” inside a For/Each loop to append, somehow, data on it. :slight_smile:

You will have to use the parameters to assign values from outside the form to variables (in) used in the form. You can do this under the parameters or you can use JSON input text in the properties.
Here is using the FormFieldCollection under properties example:

The data…variables are ones i can display in the form. The row(#).tostring are variables from the dt in the for each loop.

To get the new values you wish to append you will deserialize the JSON output variable from the form to a new variable, let’s say JSONoutputvariable. From there you can assign your new variables = JSONOutputvariable.SelectToken(“JSONvariablefromform”).tostring. Example:

Note that the form and JSON stuff is case sensitive, so be sure to make sure they match as the form activity will auto create some "field key"s.

Also I could not get the form to work properly unless the do sequence inside the activity was completely empty. It was causing the subsequent iterations to load repeated forms without stopping. No one had a solution.

Once you output the JSON file, you can get all the new variables you need for your append. You can use add data row to send the new data to another datatable as an arrayrow {variable1,variable2,etc}. example:

Thank you very much for your wise tip, dearest Matt.
I’m going to turn into action your suggestion.
I’ll keep you and the community informed about my progress about this topic.
The more we share, the more we learn :slight_smile: