(Help?) Assign Deserialized Json to Variable?

I have a custom form which stores one of it’s returned values, which I then need to pull out, make it it’s own variable so I can pass it thru an argument so another sequence may use it.

So my deserialized Output is called Output of type System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary

I can do Output(“gimmeYourTaskNumber”).ToString and target the sole item I need from the json

But when I try and use the Assign activity I fail every time. Is there no way for me to take my output, store that in a variable so I can pass thru an Arg?

Here is a visual representation. THanks in advance :slight_smile:


For now, can you try as the following?

Output("gimmeYourTaskNumber") = TaskNum

or if you want to set content of Output(“gimmeYourTaskNumber”).ToString to TaskNum, the following might work.

TaskNum = Output("gimmeYourTaskNumber").ToString 

It might be needed some type conversion if error occurs.


Hi @Jeff_Speer ,

Try this way

Attached file for your reference
LoadConfigJSON.xaml (14.2 KB)