Get data from forms activities

im trying to use forms activities but i wasnt able to use the data from the input in the workflow, i want to know how to get the variable that i input in the form and keep using in the workflow, like, ask for the first name and use it as a string variable

Hi @Leonardo_Andreola,

Follow below steps:
1.Use Create form activity-check the properties of formfieldoutputdata this will gives output of json format
2.You can use Write text file activity.-Make sure that filename should be in . json format
3.Read Text file activity
4.Use Deseralize Json-Pass output variable of Read text file to input of JsonString,Argument type -Newtonsoft.json.Linq.jobject and Paas output value(Desvariable)-Package(Uipath.Web.Activities)
5.Use Assign-Stringtype(Yourvariable)=Desvariable(“KeyValue”).tostring

Hope this helps, if it works Mark as Solution.



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