CREATE FORM, Consume all the parameters as variables

Hi Team,

I am in the process to explore ‘CREATE FORM’ activity provided by UiPath. As shown in the form shown below, I am able to have a prompt to ask user to input certain parameters.

Then, I am using the output as FormFieldOutputData as shown in below image and also throwing out the message box for that variable just to see the parameters shown in the below screen shot.

All I want is to be able to have the parameters in the certain variables as below:-

strFolderPath = “…\Desktop”

strStartingRequestID = “1”

strEndingRequestID = “2”

and so on…

I dont want to have all the parameters as shown in message box (its in json format i suppose)

I want to be able to use each parameter as a variable (maybe using assign activity)

I am sure it is possible but I might need some help in this.

Thanks and regards,

Hi @hacky,

please check out this activitites package: image

There you got some activities to deserialize the json string to a Json object. For getting the value of a json key you can check this thread: How to read key_value from the json array