UiPath form activity Usage

Hi ,
I am new to use this activity and facing challenges.
Can anyone please share as how we can create forms using uipath form activity and extract data that can be used as variable further in the workflow /
Please support in the below query as well:

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You are getting form data as JSON string.

1/ Make sure you import Newtonsoft.Json namespace

2/ Create variable of type Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JObject, e.g. objJson

3/ Deserialize the JSON string using “Deserialize json” activity.

4/ Assign form entries into your variables
first_mane = objJSON(“firstName”)

Note that name of JSON element (e.g. “firstName”) is case sensitive!


thank you so much.
Do you have any sample workflow where you have used UiPath form activity and extracted the information,storing them into variables for future use.
If so,then please share.


I do not, unfortunately.


where can i get this Deserialize Json? is there another way to get values from de forms ?

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