How i get the count of highlighted text from table...These highlighted value change project to project

Hi @Puneet_Singh1 ,

Have you have tried to find the attribute of class, is the highlighted class attribute is different from normal?

You need to figure out some difference in property of highlighted and normal text.


—use a get text activity and select that region as a element and get the text as a output variable as str_textinput
—now use screen scrapping or being table use data scrapping and scrape the entire page and get the output as string named str_fulldata if it’s screen scrapping
Or if it data scrapping though the output will be of type datatable dt pass that to a OUTPUT DATATABLE activity to convert that as a string
—now use a assign activity like this

Int_count = Split(str_fulldata.ToString,str_textInput).ToArray().Count-1

This will give the count of that word

Cheers @Puneet_Singh1