How to Read Highlighted Text on a Web Page Table after a successful search

Dear UiPath Gurus.

A veey good morning to everyone. i need some help in getting this flow done and i am stuck. I have my sequence flow that will log into website and do a search of a Part number which is read of an excel sheet. The flow will insert that Part Number and the search button will be clicked and the result is then shown as per below screenshot. It’s a table which the search find will be highlight in “Amber”.

Based on this highlighted color, from the 1st Column of the table I need to read the second column associated data field and write the 1st and 2nd column data fields to a excel sheet.

Can someone please help how do I extract that field from the 1st column and extract the 2nd Column of the highlighted field?


I have used the Data Scrapper and have also scrapped the table which generated the below by using the Data Scrapper it will take the whole 1st Column Part Number (those that I don’t want) and the 2nd again (those that I don’t need) and list them out in a table.

Is there an Activity in UiPath to read highlighted fields?



You can use the Get Cell Color activity to verify if the cell is in amber.


Thank you for coming back in the solution.

Could you be kind to explain using that Action, it will only capture the first column where the Part Number is. How do capture the associated text on the second column as that field is not highlighted at all.

Could you please help?

Thank you

You can change the parameter for which cell the activity reads. You’ll need to iterate over the cells in the second column to find where the color is set to amber.

Dear @Anthony_Humphries

Based on the screen shot to use the “Get Color” Activity it seems to only work when its on excel. The “Amber color” is actually on the web page.


My sequence is i have managed to scrape data from the website and it now on the “Meta Data”.

Let me explain how i managed to extracted the “Meta Data” …

  1. I have defined a variable to read the first column called Part Number from an excel sheet on my laptop.
  2. The variable is then typed on the search engine by UiPath Activity.
  3. A button is pressed for the search
  4. The results is then scraped using the UiPath Data Scrapper
  5. From the scraped data from the Web Table there i generated the “Meta Data” which has 2 column.

This where i am stuck…

  1. i need to only copy the search that is associated with the variable that i did the search on into excel. By using the UiPath Data Scrapper, when it scrapes, it scrapes all the data including the unwanted data as the search engine gives everything on 1 table when a search is done but only highlights in “Amber” color the actual data i am searching for.

My question is:-

  1. Which activity should i use to extract the result of column 1 which is the Part Number Variable and only its associated data on column 2 and write both into an excel sheet?

  2. Writing to excel i have completed as per below screen shot. When i reference the output of the “Meta Data” i get everything including the data that i don’t need.


As above is the output of the “Meta Data”. i only need Row 2, Column A and Column B. i don’t need the rest. Note Row 2 Column A is the Part Number Variable that was use for the search.

If i can filter the “Meta Data” to only the Part Number Variable and only save that results into the excel sheet would be faster instead of generating everything from the “Meta Data” then saving it in excel and only then filtering it based on the Variable which is the Part Number on column A.

Please help

Thanks you


Hello :v:
When scraping the data you could only select the columns that you need in the scraper wizard just do not indicate to take the whole Table

hi @Lwissitoon

Thank you for the explanation.

The search is always dynamic as its being read from an excel. There are different Part numbers in the search. The do loop will read the Part Numbers one by one and automatically insert into the search and the out come of the search is then scraped. Actually, the number of columns is correct. The issues is the number of Rows. i only need the row that i have searched for.


Dear all.

I manged to extract the data and place the “Meta Data” into a Display message.


From there i tried using a “Filter Data Table” to ONLY extract the “Part Number” but some how it does not work. I wanted to ONLY display the Part Number of ABF2EA6FPAL2173 until the end of the " removing the new line and empty spaces"

My Filter is set as per below:-


Below is the flow. there is to Display Messages, one before the Filter and one after the filter. The one before the filter work as it shows everything but the message box after the filter shows no data.


Below is the “Meta Data” i extracted suing Data Scrper


My Question is:-

  1. How do i set up my filter to only filter the Part Number i want and all the other associated data to that Part number and remove everything else.?

Hope to hear from the UiPath Gurus.

Thank you