Compare/Extract highlighted text value in web page

Hi Friends,

I have a defined value as 2 and I need to compare it with below shown pic
. How can I compare the value (2) with the highlighted value (5)?
If value matches then True or else False should be passed.

Hi @RPA_Learning50 ,

Could you use Get Text Activity and Check if you are able to extract the Number Text ?

Hello @RPA_Learning50

is that a button??
Try with Get Text and if it is blank Then try eith Get Text with OCR

Display the output from the activity to a message box. If it is returninh the correct values, then you can ise if confition.

Thank you!
But Get Text/Get OCR text is extracting all values.
I want only the value whose background is highlighted in black color which is 5, as for other cases the number could be different.
My requirement is to always extract the value whose background is highlighted in black color. then need to compare it with provided values.

@RPA_Learning50 ,

Do Perform some Checks by using Get Text Activity. Open the Selectors in UiExplorer and Check the Selectors of the Highlighted number and the Selectors of the Non- Highlighted ones.

Identify the Difference in them.

We could help on this if you Could Provide us Screenshots of both the Selectors opened in UiExplorer.

Thank you Genius friends, With the suggestion of comparing the selectors, it did worked!!
Thanks a lot for the guidance. Wish you good luck.

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