How i can go to next cell on excel

I have a list in excel, the robot need get a data in a cell and fill the next cell with another data, after he need go to the down and make the process again. For example:


You can use send hotkey with the arrow keys and navigate that way; however is there a reason why you can’t just do the following:

  1. read all the data in column A - using read range activity on the range β€œA:A”
  2. do whatever calculation you need to do
  3. write the new data using a write range starting at cell β€œB2”?

I would highly recommend doing the steps above over navigating with arrow keys. Arrow keys can be less reliable in the long run.

Hey, You can also try this.

  1. First initialize a counter variable with default value as β€œ2”
  2. Read the excel with read range(dt).
  3. Use while loop with condition counter < dt.Rows.Count
  4. Read the cell with counter (β€œA” + counter.tostring)
  5. If you want to write the same data then use Write cell with β€œB” + counter.tostring
  6. Increment the counter.

You can try below process.

  1. You can read the Excel data into a Data table by using Read Range activity.
  2. After reading into table, go for For each row in table and check If row(β€œData1”).Tostring=β€œβ€ then do row(β€œData2”)=β€œβ€β€¦
  3. After completion of all rows you can import the this table data to excel again.

Uipath, you people really need to work on these things.
Go to next cell
Go to right cell
Go to left cell
Go to next empty cell

All these things are frequently needed. Automation Anywhere is already having all these.