Write to the next empty cell

Hello guys! :smile:
I need to write new information on the next blank lines with each run of the robot.
How can I do this?

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Hey @danielle.freitas,

You need to use the below activity which writes in a next new row.

Hope this helps


Thanks !!
but that doesn’t work because the file extension is xlsm

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Oh is it, I think it should work.

Could you please share the file to check, will be easy to debug.

Else, you need to follow a different approach using read range.

Could you please confirm that either read/write range works for your case.


Hi @danielle.freitas

You will definitely be able to use read range and write range with excel application scope (Macro Setting: Enabled All), all the information becomes a part of a data table variable, then you can add ‘Add Data Row’ activity to add new info on the next row with each run of the robot.

Please see below:

Sample data: I used the same headers as shown above :slight_smile:

Then I used below code snippet:


Hope this helps!!

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Thank you!

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