Get single data from system and create excel on them

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I have a robot which goes through a excel list and write one number after another into a system (that part already works well). The task of my robot then should be to copy some data from this system and write it into a new excel list (one cell for each iterated number).

I could use the activity “copy” but what to do with that?
Can I use a activity like write range? How is it possible when I have written in cell “A1” then to go to cell “A2” then “A3”…

Maybe you can give me a link to a similar topic or video which explains it in the most possible noobish way. I could not find a concret answer.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:


Use Write Cell activity to write into Excel cell. And also create one variable of type interger and say index.

In Write Cell,
Range: “A”+index.tostring
Value: copied data from system

Note: Initially assign 2 to index variable and increment it.

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Hi @RPA_Rene

So for what you have done already, you may be having a read range activity to read the excel,
and a For each row activity to loop through the datatable to write those values into the application right?

So in this same loop,l have a counter variable assigned. Assign it to start from 1 and increment it using an assign activity at the very end of the loop.

use this counter variable to determine the excel row which you want to write data to. To write a value in a particular cell, you can use the Write Cell activity just like @lakshman has mentioned… use the counter variable for the range property so that it will write on that particular cell and move down in every iteration of the loop

Let know whether it works for you

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Hi Rene,

Hope you might already have the answer.

Just to be little clear.

  1. If it’s a new excel sheet, try appending your data, it will always go to next cell.
  2. If That’s not possible, you can read that particular workbook and add a row at the end using add data row.
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