Do while to move through data

Hi folks.
I’m trying to have a robot which after choosing at the Input dialog any number from a scope (1-10) moves through data in Excel (Number column) - goes down cell by cell (B column) as long as it hits the chosen number and then pops out a message box with the corresponding name.
However, something crushes inside the Do While loop. I’ve indicated cell B2 (Number) as a start point on Send hotkey activity and it should go down until it meets the chosen number instead it goes down only once to B3 and comes back immediately to the B2 cell and so on.
Have I missed anything in the flow?


I suppose B2 cell is set in your selector of the SendHotKey.
Can you share Target - Selector property of it?

Probably the following selector will work.

<wnd app='excel.exe' cls='XLMAIN' title='Book1 - Excel' />


@Yoichi Thanks, it moves right now :smile: However, the message pops out as below. Can I manipulate the selector somehow to avoid adding another activity to the flow? If not, which of these mentioned is best to apply in my example? Thanks.


Which activity throws this exception? Send Hot key- right key?

It might be better to use ReadCell activity (or ReadRange activity), because it’s usually more stable than keyboard operation.


I’ve solved it by changing the selector and using ‘use application/browser’ activity.
For sure it’s more stable with data table, nevertheless I’m trying various combinations.
Thanks for tips!:smile:

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