How I add host name -> to process when I want to run it


I need help. How do I add host name to process when I want to run it.
Probably it will be related to machine but i can find the set up for it.

when i selected there is no host name to choose from.

Thanks for answer


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Hey @petr.prucha

You need to make sure you have connected to the orchestrator from the Assistant using Service URL method & a developer license is allocated to you, since you are trying to run a process from your personal workspace folder.

Then while triggering the job choose the same option in Runtime license & the machine, hostname will get auto populated in the dropdown values with the connected machine (obviously your machine), with which you can able to trigger the job.

Hope this helps.


Hi @petr.prucha,

I think you struggling while assigning the user and machine to the particular folder.

Please go to the folder on orchestrator from where you are running the process.

You will see the User and Machine tab.

First add the user using which you want to run the process and give him the folder administrator and robot role. Once the user is set up then do to the machines tab and add the machine on which you want to run the process.

If you still face any issues please follow the below official documentation from the UiPath.

@petr.prucha It looks like your machines has not connected to the Orchestrator. May I know which version you are using