How Get Transaction Item work?

I’m using Get Transaction Item activity but it only return the same item for all different calls.
it is ok if i use for each and loop through the queue.
Does any one know how Get Transaction Item work?

copying from documentation:

Get Transaction Item - gets an item from the queue so that you can process it (start the transaction)
and sets its status to In Progress .

Connect both Set Transaction Status activities to the Get Transaction Item activity. This creates a loop
and enables you to iterate through all queue items. A basic workflow should look as in the following

Hi @dle24

Simple workflow example:


Thanks Susana

How the decision properties look alike?

Hello @wakdafak,

take a look at this:


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Thanks Susana. Helped me a lot.

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Hi. How can I know if the queues if Finished? I’m having trouble with this. Please help
When there are no more new items it causes some exceptions…

Hi Susana, thank you it helped me a lot. Just one note about True and False: shouldn’t they be the opposite way? When ‘is Nothing’ condition gets False program goes again for another item from the queue and when ‘is Nothing’ gets True it will trigger End Process.

@ertogrul,If is Nothing is true,Then there are no items left to be processed.The reason why it is executing again is you have looped it back to get transaction item.The condition which you need to check is “IsNot Nothing” which stops if there are no items to processGetTransaction.xaml (12.0 KB) @Anandhu


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@sreekanth, thank you for your solution. As I have written before - I have used Susana’s flowchart, but I switched the True and False like on on picture below - everything runs without errors.

Can you forward that workflow file

@sreekanth, I get an error message (The given key was not present in the dictionary) when trying to run your process. What key in the dictionary is it referring to?


I have the fields in the activity set as follows:

The queue in the orquestrator I have it setup as follows:


Can you share the screenshot of true block sequence @selrac

I found the problem. In the true block I was not capturing from the queue field name properly.