While transactionitem isnot nothing

Hello, I can’t get this loop to work…

I need to test if there is any item in the queue (not using reframework here). thanks in advance

This is the wrong way to do it. Get Transaction Item will set every one of the New transactions to In Progress. Use Get Queue Items filtered for New (no loop necessary) and check the count. If it’s >0 there are items in the queue.

thanks, but I’m not just trying to see if there is any new item, this is to loop through each item and do something with each one

Then you want a flowchart. Get Transaction to get the first one (no While needed), do what you need to do, then come back around and look for the next queue item.

The “New Transaction?” flow decision:


If it helps, there is a UiPath template named Transactional Process that has a basic flow for doing queue/transaction based automation.

Thank you so much postwick for all the details, this is so helpful!!

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