How far can you gor with Advanced Editor in StudioX?

Hello everyone!

I’ve just started my learning of StudioX and would like to know how far you can go with Advanced Editor. Is it possible to create variables within an activity (let’s say I don’t need to use this value in other activity, so there is no need of having it as a global variable). Should I use standard VBA or StudioX syntax is somehow different? Do you have some recommendations where I can learn more about it?

I’ve tried a simple example: open google and write number 1 or 2 based on condition by using TypeInto action. Here is a condition I put in TypeThis by using Advanced Editor:
“If 15 = 18 Then 1 Else 2 EndIf”
as I would do it in VBA. But I get an error message “End of expression expected”. Do you know what I’m doing wrong?

Thank you!

Hi @Sergii
The supported language is VB, so using VBA syntax may not help. You can easily look up the appropriate syntax and quickly try it out in Advanced Editor.

For example,
Instead of
If 15 = 18 Then 1 Else 2 EndIf
you could use something like
If(15 = 18, 1, 2)
This ternary operator will yield the same results, only with different syntax, and works in Advanced Editor.

Hope this helps.

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