Advanced Editor Documentation

I’m trying to find some more information on how to write expressions in the StudioX Advanced Editor. I know it follows VB.NET syntax, but that really doesn’t help with things like accessing Saved Values, or other information in my script.

Are there any tutorials/books/online documentation available for this feature?

This post might help you. Let me know if you have anything specific. Also, you can visit the UiPath Academy to takes courses on StudioX

Advanced editor usability - Help / StudioX - UiPath Community Forum


Thanks for the information. I started at the link provided, but it didn’t get into the details I’m looking for. I have found some information on the Editor at the Academy, but what works for Studio, doesn’t seem to work for StudioX.


Could you please let me know what exactly you need to do? please find below image, we can get saved variables and write expression too!


I’m looking for information on the syntax for using the Expression Editor in StudioX. I’ve started some of the Academy training on the topic, but it’s for Studio, which is a bit different.

For example, I have a script that will run 3 different processes on Excel files, based on a phrase (word) in their filename to determine their type. I would like to use a Switch statement. It doesn’t have a Condition Builder like the If statement, so I’m left with using the Advanced Editor and string comparisons to search for the words in the filenames.

Is this What you are talking about?. I have opened this in StudioX