When it is best to create a variable vs. use the advanced editor window in Studio X

I am trying to establish best practices and answer FAQs at my organization. When is it best to use ‘Create Variable’ vs. ‘Open Advanced Editor’. Thank you for your response. If there is any documentation on this topic that can help newbies, please share.

Hi @kcaller

Create Variable and Open Advanced Editor are tools for working with variables, but they serve different purposes

Create Variable is used for quickly creating simple variables within an activity.
Open Advanced Editor is to define more complex variables with specific properties, or when you want to ensure the variable has a specific data type and default value.

Hope it helps!!


Create variable is used to create a variable of target field type with a click

Where as open advanced editor is a place where you can perform computation on variables and assign the result value to the target field…or if it is an output field then can assign to a variable only

For example you have an assign activity…on tight you want to increment a variable for that you can open advanced editor and write variable + 1 …if you use create variable it would only just create a variable

Hope this helps


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