How do I sync libraries between Orchestrator instances?

Hi there,

We are working on a number of UIPath bots. For the longest time, we’ve been publishing our processes to our DEV Orchestrator using UIPath Studio. We have finally been given our QA environment and we need to migrate our process to QA and test them there. I’ve run into a problem with synching libraries between the two Orchestrators.

I don’t know if this is the proper way to do it, but this is what I’ve been doing:

  • develop the process
  • test locally
  • publish to DEV
  • test attended and unattended in DEV
  • download the bot’s package and locally developed library packages
  • upload to QA

That is doable but has a high PITA factor. The problem I’m running into is, it looks like the only UIPath libraries in QA are the latest ones that were available when Orchestrator was installed in that environment. In this case, that was 3 months ago, but I have updated my bots to use later versions of the UIPath libraries.

Am I doing this the right way? How do others sync bots and libraries between different Orchestrator instances (installed on different “machines”)? This is just the first step because we will eventually get our Production environment and will had to then sync everything to it.



At least two options are known:

Hello @carlo,

As @ppr pointed out I too suggest the DevOps route will solve most of your challenges. Investing in DevOps is essential when your team is scaling up automations / or number of developers in the team. More commits, more environments, more hassle!

From our team analysis, we save about 5 to 10 minutes for each publishable commit to our two orchestrator instances (due to the need of logging into 2 different secure VMs). In other words, as you scale your automation team/effort, DevOps is not a nice to have, it will be a must.

Please go through these threads / repository on how you can use DevOps to find a solution to your query.

Using AzureDevOps

Using Jenkins

Using Github Actions

  1. GitHub - andrianoid/helloUiPath-sample
  2. GitHub - rpabotsworld/uipath-with-github-action
  3. GitHub - Mikael-RnD/ActionTest: Sample project utilizing the UiPath GitHub Actions

Most of these above can also be achieved by using UiPaths PowerShell Cmdlet

You don’t need to put all the libraries into Orchestrator. The robots download them automatically and install them locally on the server they’re running on.

Thank you everyone for your tips for syncing projects and libraries. I’ll be looking into that.

As it turns out, the problem I had was with an out of sync local library. All good now.

Thank you for your help.


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