Best way to deploy package from Dev to multiple Prod systems when Dev and Prod is connected to separate Orchestrator instance



The recommended way to setup Orchestrator is to have one Orchestrator instance for Dev/Test environments and another Orchestrator instance for (UAT)/Production
So how do we upload/deploy a package to UAT/Prod Orchestrator instance from the Dev/Test Orchestrator instance, do we need to manually do it?
What is the recommended way for deploying a package from the Dev Env to Prod Environment when we use 2 orchestrator instance as recommended. I am using 18.2 version


Please someone help me to understand this : @ovi, @badita, @andrzej.kniola @Gabriel_Tatu @balupad14 @Rammohan91 @vvaidya @Lucas.Pimenta @ClaytonM @arivu96


Hi @BejoyEdison,

You need to have a package version of your process.
If you have a UiPath Studio that you develop the process on the Machine where Dev/Test Orchestrator is installed, there are two ways to published you process.
-if the Uipath Robot connected with your Dev/Test Orchestrator once you publish a process from Uipath Studio, the package will be automatically visible/available on your Dev/Test Orchestrator
-if you the UiPath Robot is not connected with your Dev/Test Orchestrator once you publish a process from UiPath studio, the package will be stored on %ProgramData%\UiPath\Packages.
Using second option you can upload manual the same package version of the process to both Dev Orchestrator and Prod/Orchestrator


So the bottom line is we need to manually deploy the package from Dev/QA Orchestrator to Prod Orchestrator system , and there is no way to link QA orchestrator and Prod Orchestartor to sync the package to Prod , very nice. Thanks.