How do I select all items in a specific windows app methodically

I am trying to use UiPath to select all the items in an app in windows which is on the left side plane (see below) but the list may change in terms of file names as well as length so it’s hard to click using a ui element as the names change.

I was thinking of using a loop then somehow clicking the items, then copying the data output and pasting it (probably to excel) but I wasn’t sure how to select the items from first to last or what to do to indicate that the last item has been clicked then stopping it.

I would appreciate any ideas or help! Thanks so much!

Hello @kidd
My suggestion is try using data scrapping method.
Hope this will solve your issue.

Use while loop to extract all the file names into list of strings
Create loop on the list of file names then use click on activity where you are using file name as attribute in selector.

You may ask why to create list of all file names. It is because sequence of file name in list may change, when you are going to open any file as Recent will move last used file at top of the list. If we are going to use the file name in selector, click activity will be work irrespective of position of file name in recent files list.

It is bit hard to give solutions as we don’t know the structure of your application.


Try with for each ui element activity



Can you give Find Children activity a try.
This would give you all the selectors in that block, then you can loop on those selectors and click on every object.


Thanks Anil - can’t do it because it has to be on the web whereas this is a windows app I think

WThanks Shubham, it looks like data scraping is mainly for web only is that correct?

This method seems to be really good actually. It might work. will watch How to use Selectors in UiPath (Live Build with Tutorials by Mukesh Kala) - YouTube and then try it out. Thanks for the idea!

When I looked online it looks like find children doesn’t work unless it’s a drop down menu? I also can’t seem to find it in my UiPath studiox for some reason

hi @kidd

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Can you try to see if there’s some common attributes for the selector, and if you can use idx values to get data?

Usually it’s not suggested to use idx but that is one last thing that you can try on.


I agree - it looks quite complicated. Wish there was something simpler. Still trying to learn it!

Can you open your UiExplorer and click on the item that you wanna select. and please provide a screenshot

I had to try usng the UiPath indicate on screen then take a photo of them :stuck_out_tongue:

Also I can select the individual IMG files as well

Can you see this blue icon which says Open in UI Explorer, click on it, open it, on the next wizard indicate the element

and capture a screenshot of of the window and please provide

I tried using click function then highlighting the button or select function but it only shows the top half without the configuration and below. I may be missing something?

The window should look something like this:

Found it through studioX help on google, this link was useful! UI Explorer not installed/showing? - #2 by Gokul001

I guess the complex thing I’m trying to do is take certain photos with text, put it in the file, (hence it changes in name and length), extract certain text, sort it through excel, then input it to another program. So far perhaps I’m making it too complex but I figured out the other steps, so this is actually my last part!

now can you try to remove the name attribute, it’ll auto insert a new attribute idx. and you can loop through idx number through a normal counter variable

Sir. You are truly a genius. Thank you so much!!!