Selectors for Windows Application


i am trying to click on different files which have differen names but the selector i am getting is same for the 2 clicks when i am indicating the position of 1st one its clicking 1st and when indication on 4th position its clicking 4th the selector is same for both the click
attached the selector for 2 clicks and the window where i want to select the file i want to select 1st file then 4th file based on name any solutions
tried get attribute,find text,click text not working

Hi @sravyarao20,
Welcome back,
Can you please try to use anchor base activity and check.

Here the element is not fixed and everytime i open that window i need to select file with that file name so need help in click selecor such that it clicks all the time the file with the file name

You can use dynamic selector, store the file name in a varaible and place that variable in the selectors
Check the above link once

0the problem is the selector is not clicking based on aaname its desktop aplication and get attribute is not giving all fields i have attached the screenshot which is same for both but how to identify by which the click is happening

If this does not work try to use the hot keys like tab or something and check how the cursor is moving. Then use the send hotkey for moving the cursor and then perform type into.
As you are saying it is desktop application so there will be no problem.

no type into will not work send hotkeys also will not work here there will be so many files wil get uploaded in that window we dont have search option we should only click the file with the file name so these things will not work