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Hi Guys,

I want to select the car model menu list and copy the price and then next model to be selected but i am unable to do that i tried Find children activity its not working looks like its not dropdown.

Can someone guide me how to solve this ?

Did you try using ‘Select Item’ activity and Pass the value of the picklist one after another from an array?

Rammohan B.

Hi ram,

If i give select item its not doing any activity its stopping there. Can you give rough activity steps to be followed? I haven’t tried any array how to do that?

Hi @Lawrance_A

Use the below advise if the Select Item activity does not work.

You can try using UiExplorer to find the appropriate selector for the elements. I guarantee you that you will be able to select each element by its actual name with a simple Click activity.

From there, you can simply create a variable of String (which is an Array of Strings) with all your values in it, like that:
Note that you have to select the type of Array of T and then select String

Then you can create a For Each loop to loop through all elements in your array and use the item as a variable in your selector:

Hi Mac,
I Haven’t tried UI path explorer, I will try now and let you know.

Thank you.


  1. i Have Tried using select item again and am able to select only one model am not sure how to choose next model - My requirement is to pick one model save the price in excel and it should pick the another model Loop should be there.

  2. I tried using UIpath explorer am anot able to click correct model so sectors also seems incorrect.

Need your guidance.image

Hi Ram,

I Can able to select only one model in Select item, How to select multiple models one by one by using array ?


Create a variable with type as String.

Use a for each loop to loop through the values of this array, like this:

Keep your ‘Select Item’ activity within this for each loop and pass the value as ‘item’ to the activity.

Rammohan B.

HI @Lawrance_A

you need to update your selector with array value .

use for each loop,

for item in arrayvariable

 you can use click activity here ( After adding click activity edit selector ( String variable - " +"item+" "



Hi @Rammohan91

I have tried using array its selected correctly first item but Loop is not working for the next item.i may done silly mistake, could you please check it for me ?Test.xaml (42.1 KB)

in this item i have one more doubt if in future new model added in the list means how bot will take that ? do we need to modify the array again ?

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Hi Yogi,

Where i should modify the selector ? if i modify am getting syntax error.

Test.xaml (42.1 KB)


i have used click activity, check it.

Test.xaml (44.4 KB)


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i am getting below exception.

Enable Simulateclick property for Click activity…


tried it now but its not working :frowning:

can you give screenshot of your selector …


can you use web recorder and try to select items from the list, check which property is changing when you select item from the list.


Sure, I will try