Select multiple files that appear dynamically

Dear all,

I am trying to do the multiple file selection but would like to know the optimal way to do it. The scenario is like , there can be any number of files , i need to click them all. This is not a directory or a folder so Directory.Getfile cant be applied here…

image .

Please suggest, thanks in advance

Use send hot keys to select all (cltrl+a),
(am not sure whats the process is).


Hi @chitra ,

You can use a “Find Children” activity to find all UiElements to select. Pay attention to your selector and the filter property.

Then see if you can use the “Select Multiple Items” activity.

thanks… the window where the files are listed doesnt allow ctrl+a… im now using shift+down, but the issue is the files can be in any number, blindly giving many shift+down without any condition check …

Try using Select Multiple Items Activity