How do I always select the first item in a website?

I just started my UIPath journey so I don’t really know how it works

In this picture, I search for baker and I want UIPath to click the first job (Production Assistant…). but if I use the ‘Click’ activity, it’s hard-coded meaning it will always click the first job if i search for baker. What do I do if I search for other jobs such as retail? How do I make UIPath always click the first job?

You need to look at the sector that is generated for baker and another job, then try to fine tune it by applying wildcards to parts of the selector.

You can also try using uiexplorer to repair the selector against a different job from baker to retrieve the first item of any job searched

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In this case it would require a generic selector. Use click activity and indicate element which you want to click and share the selector with us

Capture 2

The first picture is from “baker” job
The second picture is from “retail” job

@Ahmad_Mikail Modify your selector as below:
uncheck aaname property

I did that but it highlighted the JobsCentral on the top left

@Ahmad_Mikail Please use below selector:

<html title='*Career in Singapore | JobsCentral' /><webctrl tag='A' class='job-title' idx='3' />

Capture 4

I did that and now it can’t validate

@Ahmad_Mikail Remove all the things from selector and just paste the selector which I gave you in the last post

Thank you! It’s working now

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