Which type of activity can i use to choose the first option in a search?

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I am having a problem. In SAP when i do a search i want to always choose and click in the first option. That first option changes when the name of the person i search for changes but i want to always select the first one because it is always the most correct. Any ideas on how can i do this?
If you want screenshots to help visualize this please feel free to say so.
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Hi @Joao_Santos ,

You can select stable selectors for first option after searching apart from changing everytime.

Show us selectors for first option after searching.

Hi @Joao_Santos,

Making a dynamic selector in this case should help.

Selector should contain variable under attribute (aaname or text etc) which helps to identify element.

Also, you need to include few other attributes that are static to help identify this.

Use uiexplorer to identify proper attributes.


Many thanks for your reply!
Can you please clarify a bit further on that please?
I am new to UIPath… How can you make a stable selector??
Sorry if it is too dumb of a question…

Thanks for your reply Sonalia!
Does it help if i put a print screen of my target?


And explaining these printscreens…
I search the first and last name of the person, hit save filters and the search results are in the third printscreen. Basically i want the RPA to click on “Post Hire Verification Step” to open the next part of the automation process.
In this specific scenario what i did had no problem
I initially built a Check App State and when the “Post Hire Verification Step” appeared it clicked on it effortlessly.
My problem is that in some specific cases, there are two exactly equal matches, thus me wanting to select the first one.
Sorry for the spam and hopefully you can help me!!

If you guys want me to post the selector code for this feel free to ask!

Please spy selectors using UIExplorer and Post here

The following is the selector for the element that is highlighted in yellow. This element is the element that i need to click on to open the next element on the path. The search results all have this target and can either display “Post Hire Verification Step” or “New Employee Step”. I only want to select the option that shows “Post Hire Verification Step”. If there are other equal options i want to select the first one. Sorry for the spam.
The fuzzy selector for the yellow highlight is: “”
The selector for the yellow highlight is in the next picture:

The fuzzy selector is:

Sorry but something happened and the fuzzy selector id did not post.
Hope this helps you help me ahahah thank you and sorry for the spam

Hi @Joao_Santos,

Thank you for explaining, now I understood your requirement better.

please indicate on this first element you want to select using uiexplorer.

Open uiexplorer from studio ribbon tab, indicate that element and share that screenshot.

I believe aaname/text attribute should contain value ‘post hire verification…’ which can be used to make sure that that particular element only gets selected.


Sorry for the delayed responce, Sonali, but in my homeland it was the weekend and only now have i got back to work.
So, continuing what you asked for.
After indicating the item in UIExplorer this is what i got:

Hope you can help me with this!

HI @Joao_Santos,

Please select inner text here from right panel of the screen.

Also, scroll this right panel to the bottom and send me that screenshot as well.


Already selected inner text.
Thank you very much

What should i do now in order to select the first option in the search?

Hi @Joao_Santos,

With selecting inner text and also tableCol=3 should be able to identify your element which includes “Post hire verification step” that is what you want to select no matter which row it comes on, right?

It should work with these selected.

Can you show me your final selector once after including these parts?