How do I access wizards on cross-platform projects?

According to the docs, there should be both the Table Extraction and the Web Recorder Wizards available for cross-platform projects, but how do I access them?

They aren’t on the top ribbon like in windows projects, I’ve already tried toggling Modern Design Experience but it doesn’t make any difference.

Was this removed from UiPath at some point or am i missing something? Older screenshots like in this thread show that it was available but its not showing up for me.

I’m running the latest UiPath Version (2022.12) and all the activities are also up to date.

Hi @alpine

Please read the below document


According to the following page, Extract Table Data doesn’t support cross platform. So, it seems Table Extraction wizard doesn’t also support cross platform platform.

According to the following document, it seems recorder can be used. However there is no menu on ribbon (as you mentioned…)