Missing Data Scrapping

Hi All,

Please bear with me, in case I am asking something which is already answered somewhere else. I tried getting the answer using search, but was not able to get it. May be because I am doing something wrong, as this is first time for me.

Coming for issue: I do not see the Data Scraping button in Studio. I have downloaded the community edition and it is not there.


What should I do to get the button?


Hi @Sumegh_Kulshrestha
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Indeed that’s strange; could you show us what you see as packages when you click on “Manage Packages” ?
What is your studio version ?

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Table Extraction is Data scraping in the version you are using…

Left side of UIExplorer in your screenshot you can see it…

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@Sumegh_Kulshrestha Please use table extraction button …
hope this helps…


Disable modern design in project settings

Hi bro first select the project pane after thet select settings and disable modern design .